This Might Be The Reason Why Many Married Men Cheat On Their Wives


Most likely, there are still some faithful men but my experiences with two married pals of mine in less than one week brought about this topic..

The first pal, is a business Man that is not doing badly, he has at least two kids that I know of all attending the so called expensive schools… He is from the East, an elder in the Church and we were having some business related conversation when somehow our discussions went into the arena of women.. lol… I told him some of my experiences and he also told me how he almost sent his wife packing for losing 4 million naira in two different ponzi schemes namely donation hub and earnfifty… He then told me about an Akwa-Ibom girl that he came across and made love to and ever since he has been praying to God to help him leave her but instead he is getting deeper into her….

This Man has a very beautiful wife with light skin but he confessed to me how the Akwa-Ibom babe is very sweet and neat… Infact he talked about going home to sleep and snore each time he has his routine s*xual exercise with her which invariably means that he may not eat and most likely not touch his wife. When his wife complains of his strange lifestyle, he blames it on working too hard in his office of which he is the Boss…

What surprised me most as we were discussing in his office was that , he said he will not lie to me, that if the Akwa-Ibom babe calls him now, he will leave what he is doing to go and meet her… Within me, I was scared for so many reasons knowing fully well that I am still single and will not want that kind of life but the greater fear was that is possible that this man never planned for this type of life but he somehow found himself with a strange woman….

My second encounter was yesterday night with another Pal who is younger than the Man from the East… This one is from the West, his wife is in the West with their Kid while he is in Port Harcourt… This particular one is not necessarily as successful as the other man but he mentors people in business/investment related affairs… He is the kind of guy you could call to talk to your staff on how they could perform better (Business Consultant). In the course of our conversation, I found out that he is actually waiting for one small girl that lives in my neighborhood that just finished secondary school in FGGC Okigwe I suppose….

While I learnt some things from him, I also told him about the importance of starving his distractions and feeding his focus and we both agreed that women are major distractions.. he told me , he discovered that spends more on accommodating women in hotels for days just to have a s*xually nice time….

I’m conclusion I ask, why do many married Men cheat on their wives, how can we help our future/current wives to help us not to cheat on them? What are those things married need that will make them not to cheat on their wives ? (Note: not al married cheat)

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