The Qualities Of “ASUKU” In A Democratic Society By: IDRIS OBADAKI


The first principle of unalienable rights recognises that everyone is naturally endowed by their Creator with certain rights that cannot be infringed or given away. Amongst these rights are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
In order to secure or safeguard these vital rights, “…..government are instituted among men which you are among, deriving their just powers from consent of the governed”. Constitutions are also made for the purpose of securing, protecting, promoting good governance, accountability and welfare of all citizens that is governed.

The governments instituted among men are the elected representatives who are also known as the politicians. These politicians are required to implement social reforms and policy measures that contribute to the general welfare of the populace.
My little Oxford dictionary defines politician as “person engaged or interested in politics” and politics as “science and art of government; political affairs or life or principles etc.”

Asuku“has been consistent in his “social relations involving authority and power”.

A politician is defined as one who is actively involved in politics or one who holds or seeks a political office. A politician is an individual who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making in government.

You’ve play a central role in peoples lives. You are one of the concentrated voices of the people that make all efforts to improve their constituencies and peoples’ welfare. You are good and dependable person and I know you are delighted to serve the people and consider yourself as servants and peoples paymasters.

Asuku” represent the hopes, aspirations and the interests of every citizen in the state.

Asuku” qualities are his characters that is natural, while some of the qualities are as a result of external influences.

He’s a Promising politicians and some of his qualities are often backed by skills, experiences, intelligence, integrity, with instincts -all combined together to achieve the best goals. First and foremost, the best quality of *Asuku* is honesty, God fearing and loving. A faithful and effective person, he is trustworthy and reliable. He’s able to capture the essence of truth, display sincerity, candor and practices what he preaches. He makes decisions and accepts responsibility for his actions and his words. The same is true in his dealing with his people. He makes promises and keeps those promises. Somebody that people may be relied upon. Loving people with all his heart, might, mind, soul and striving to help them as a true mark of him.


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