Monkey kidnaps 2-year-old boy from his home so it could have someone to play with then hugged the boy and refused to give him back (Video)


A monkey kidnapped a two-year-old boy from his home in India just so it could have someone to play with and it refused to give the boy back to his family.

In a video shared online, the monkey is seen playing with the boy by the roadside – the monkey is seen at a point trying to remove something from the child’s hair.

A woman sees the baby and can be seen approaching to save the baby, but the monkey hugs the baby repeatedly and refuses to let it go.

In the viral video, the woman can be heard saying: “From where did you get the baby, Let me take it home.”

As the woman tried to take the child, the monkey hugged the boy and refused to let the woman take him along with her. When the woman saw that her attempts to retrieve the boy from the primate wasn’t working, she retreated to assess her options.

Monkey kidnaps 2-year-old boy

Monkey kidnaps 2-year-old boy

The baby is thought to have been taken from a house in Haryana, India.

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