KOGI STATE SALARY ISSSUES; This Is Not The Time To Look For A Replacement Of Gov. Yahaya Bello But A Time To Support The Government And Encourage Them To Do Better For Our Dear State. By; Alh. (Dr.) Abubakar Rajab


Prince Abubakr Audu of bless memory was unable to solve salary problems, he left’ outstanding, gratuity and pensions were not paid during his time.

Alh Ibrahim Idris Ibro inherited pensions debts and he did not clear it, and he left a lot of depts the next government.

Capt. Idris Ichalla Wada inherited a huge sum of salary debts, He rather introduced percentage payments and did not do any project before his tenure elapsed, as at the time Wada was leaving he applied for a bail out of 80 Billion Naira from the federal government intervention scheme through the CBN, Kogi was the highest salary debtor state in nation wide.

This application was made 8 months before his tenure expired, by implication the salary outstanding accumulated to over 100 Billion Naira during Wada’s tenure this is the most confusing circumstances that was inherited by Governor Yahaya Bello.

The state and local government monthly salaries is over 5.3 Billion Naira monthly, Monthly allocations amount to 3.2 Billion Naira.

Interest on loan received since Late Audu regime till date is 800 Million Naira deductible at source every month, by implication, the net monthly income will be less than 2.5 Billion Naira.

Supposing Gov. Bello decides to use all the net income to pay salary he won’t be able to meet up the payment of the state salaries, let alone the local government staff salaries.

Remember that these monies were not meant for salaries alone, we have other stakeholders like business men, politicians, academicians, Projects and other professionals who must benefit from these monthly income by way of provisions of social and infrastructural amenities, provision of security which is the major challenge faced by this country.

You need an intelligent persons to be able to apply wisdom in ensuring that every area of needs is not abandoned, to do these, the little income at our disposal must have to be prorated and that is the pain that every individual is passing through across board.

I challenged any kogi person who will be able to manage these controversial circumstances better than the present government to come out and proof himself convincingly.

We should pray that the present governor should use his cordial relationship with the president to ensure that Ajaokuta steal company is brought back to life so as to boast our internally generated revenue which we are going to use to bridge our economic gaps.

This is not the time to look for a replacement of Bello but a time to support the government and encourage them to do better for our dear state.

This suggestion may not go well with some people but remember that policy alterations is the major factor for implementation set back, let’s support this young man to complete the drafted road map of success which they conceptualized from inception.

*My advise to the government is to give a listening ears to the stakeholders and professionals who have acquired enough experiences and skilled in various areas of endeavors which will be of benefit to the progress of our state, you can not do it alone.*

Seek the assistance of others, use the most skilled and experienced people to run your government and jettison the contraction of inexperienced youths to run the government.

*May God Almighty Direct, Guide And Lead Us In Moving Kogi State To The Next Levels. Amin.*


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