Boy beats lady to coma on her birthday (Video)


A young lady identified as Dami-lola, is currently battling for her life while in coma after she was beaten by a boy identified as Samuel, on her birthday at a hotel in Lagos.

According to reports, Dami-lola and her friends had gone to Lavalon Hotels, Ajah, Lagos to celebrate her birthday, when she decided to take some pictures.

While this was on, Samuel’s girlfriend, Mama Gold, started mocking her through the window of the room she was lodged, making the celebrant to approach her to ask why, since they’ve never met before.


However, Samuel stepped in to defend his girlfriend and started assaulting Dami-lola and her sister. At a point, he landed a heavy blow on her head and knocked her out in the process.

The lover boy was later apprehended and handed over to the police, but he allegedly bribed them, was released and back on the streets, while Dami-lola remains in critical condition in the hospital.

Watch the video below

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