Beautiful ladies’ are single because people do not believe that they are really single – Juliet Ibrahim


Juliet Ibrahim is of the opinion that ‘beautiful ladies’ are single because people, most especially the men, do not believe that they are really single.

It is not rare to find a lady who is regarded as beautiful still remaining very much single. Many of them do not quite understand why, despite their pretty looks, they still cannot find a suitable partner.

Ibrahim via her Instagram simply wrote; “Beautiful girls are mostly single because no one ever believes they’re actually single…”

This is coming after the delectable actress clapped back at a non-fan who body shamed her.

The Drama started after the Ghanaian actress shared her recent photo and while many people had kind things to say, this troll hopped on her page to mock her legs.

And Ibrahim read him for filth.

“Do you mean the brain surgery you require?” she asked him, adding, “Dimwit. No worries. I will do mine immediately after your brain transplant.”

Although the troll went further to rant, the point has been made: only a dimwit mocks a woman’s body on social media.


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