ARTICLE: Street Got Talent


Street Got Talents is a constitutional organization, hereby referred to as SGT. And the moto is Everyone Is A Star/Creativity Is Our Nerd.
The organization started around 2015/2016 and was officially opened September 22nd 2016.
The purpose of this organization is to promote talents, creativities, businesses, be as
• Marketer
• Advertiser
• Orator
• Shoe maker
• Tailor
• Dancer
• Singer
• Comedian
• Rapper
• Writer
• Editor
• Movie artist
• Director
• Footballer
• Cosmetics artist
• Bag makings
• Catering and crafting
• And so on

Other privileges our members enjoy are
• Promotion and publicity
• Create employment and empowerment
• Sponsorship and establishment
• Financial supports

SGT has no age limitations, or regional limits, everyone has equal right, membership is currently opened to all regardless of your school, field of studies, creed, race, Religion, tribe, language, culture, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, disability, national origin, or status as a veteran. This list is not exhaustive. NO RACISTS.

The organization have the following offices
Secretary General
Vice president
Team leader for states, countries and it committee (5 at most)

You can reach us through
Follow us

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For promotion, sponsorship and advert placement call/whatsapp: 08142475532

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