A Man Called Malcolm: Who Is Malcolm By Marxian


Chapter One

Who Is Malcolm?

Who Is Malcolm X?

Well Over The Years He’s Been Called So Many Names
Names From A Shoe Shiner To A Waiter And Even To A Fierce Criminal
The Funny Thing Is As The Facts Goes Malcolm Was A Criminal But He
He Gave More Especially To The Black Community Than He Took.

Malcom Was Born Malcolm Little In Omaha Nebraska To A Father
Earl Little. Earl Little Was An African American Baptist Minister And
A Father Of Seven From Reynolds Georgia.

Malcom’s Mother Was Louise Little, She Was Born In Grenada
In The British West Indies.Her Background Was Significantly
Different From Her Husbands.
Louise Little Was A Woman Of Mixed Heritage,Her Father Was White
So She Was Clearly Light Skinned.The Shade Of Her Skin Was Clearly
Lighter Which Raised Questions For Malcolm And His Siblings As They
Grew Up. Malcolm Recalled In His Autobiography “She Had Straight
Black Hair And Her Accent Wasn’t That Of A Negroes.”

Malcolm Inherited Much Of His Mother’s Complexion. His Skin Was
Was The Lightest Of All Seven Children As A Result Malcolm Believed
That He Was Treated Better By His Father And Escaped Many Of The
Routine Beatings Suffered By His Siblings For Delinquency.
Malcolm Also Inherited A Reddish Tone In Both His Hair And Skin
From His White Grandfathers Side Which Later Earned Him The
Nickname ‘Detroit Red’

Malcolm’s Mother Partial Ancestry Was A Sore Point Within The Family

*A Man Called Malcolm*

Who Is Malcolm?

Parents And Siblings

Malcolm X’s Mothers Partial Ancestral Past Was A Sore Point Within Within The Family. She Had Never Met Her Father And Was Ashamed Of Her Link To Him. This Was Mostly Due To The Fact That During The Darkest Of Times For African Americans Malcolm’s Grandmother Was Raped Which Resulted In The Birth Of Malcolm’s Mother.

This Was A Major Drive In Malcolm’s Aid To Ending Racial Injustice Urging Black Americans To Fight Their White Oppressors By Any Means Necessary.
Malcolm’s Words Concerning His Grandfather “I Learned To Hate Every Drop Of That White Rapist In Me”

Earl And Louise Little Had Seven Children. Malcolm Was The Fourth Of Those Children And In No Particular Order They Were Reginald,Wilfred,Philbert,Malcolm Ella,Mary And Hilda Little.

Philbert Was Born In 1924 To Earl And Louise Little,He Was One Of The Brothers To Introduce Malcolm To The Nation Of Islam And Elijah Muhammad. Philbert Also Later On Dropped His Last Name For The Customary X As Well In 1964

Wilfred Was Born In 1920 To Earl And Louise Little. After The Death Of His Father And Commitment Of His Mother Wilfred Became The Guardian Of Young Siblings. Wilfred Also Became Part Of The NOI And Also Later On Dropped His Last Name For The Customary X.

Reginald Was A Younger Brother To Malcolm And Most Loved By Malcolm. Reginald Was The First To Introduce Malcolm To The Black Muslims.

Ella Collins Was A Half Sister Of Malcolm’s And She Served As An Adviser To His Brother On Civil Rights Until His Death.



Malcolm’s Early Years Were Filled With Trials And Tribulations,From Racism To Poverty To Social Discrimination To Insecurity.
As A Boy Malcolm And His Parents Moved From House To House Because Of Plague Known As Racism And After The Death Of His Father By The Ku Klux Klan “A Group Of White People That Believe That White People Are Superior To All Other Races” And The Institution Of His Mother In A Mental Institute Where She Would Stay For The Next Twenty Six Years.
Earl And Louise Little’s Children Were Divided In To Several Foster Homes. Malcolm Lived In Different State Institutions And Boarding Houses. At Thirteen Malcolm Was Sent To Juvenile Detention For Delinquency.
Malcolm Dropped Out Of School At The Age Of Fifteen.

A Man Called Malcolm

Chapter Two

Malcolm And Islam

Malcolm Has Been Through So Much He Lost His Dad At The Age Of Six And His Mom Hospitalized In A Mental Institute, Malcolm Was Lost And Just Like Any Teenager Wanted A Purpose To His Life But The Funny Thing Is As A Black Man In A Horrific Environment Where Black Lives Die Daily And Black Voice Are Of That Of A Minor.

Malcolm’s First Purpose Was To Survive By Any Means Necessary.
Malcolm Went In To Juvenile Detention A Delinquent But Came Out A Man With A Purpose To Survive…

Malcolm Was Living With His Sister In Boston Massachusetts While There Malcolm Worked As A Shoe Shine Boy,A Bus Boy And A Waiter.

In Boston Malcolm Got In Tangled With The Wrong Company.
Malcolm Began Visiting The Black Ghetto Of Roxbury,There Malcolm Became Drawn To The Neighborhood Street Life.
Malcolm Began Wearing Flashy Cloths And Jumped In To A Criminal Life That Included Gambling,Selling Drugs And Bulglary.

In 1924 Malcolm Moved To New York City’s Harlem Neighborhood Where He Continued His Unlawful Lifestyle.

Malcolm’s Brief Time In Juvenile Detention Facilities Had Granted Him The Ability Of Adaptation And So He Was Able To Adapt To The New York City Street Life And Rose Quickly To The Criminal Word.

*Malcolm And Islam*

Chapter Two

Malcolm Became Known As The *Detroit Red* For His Red Shock Of Hair.

When The Police Uncovered His Criminal Activities Malcolm Returned To Boston To Lay Low.

But It Was Eventually At Boston That Malcolm Would Be Caught.
In 1946 At The Age Of Twenty Years Malcolm Was Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison For Bulglary.

You Guys Familiar With The Saying ‘The Worst Can Become The Best’ Because That Is Exactly What Happened To Malcolm.

While In Prison Malcolm Began Reformation, He Began To Transform Himself To A Man His Family Could Become Proud Off.

While In Prison Malcolm Met John Bembry.

Bembry Was A Self Educated Man, A Man Malcolm Would Later Describe As “The First Person He’d Ever Seen Command Total Respect With His Words”

Under Bembry, Malcolm’s Urge For Knowledge Grew And Bembry’s Influence Would Rubb Off On Malcolm As Malcolm Would Soon Develops An Incredible Appetite For Reading.

*Malcolm And Islam*

Chapter Two

Another Interesting Thing That Happened To Malcolm During His Time In Prison Was His Introduction To “The Nation Of Islam”
*NOI* A Relatively New Religious Movement Preaching Black Self Reliance And Ultimately The Return Of African Diaspora To Africa Where They Would Be Free From White Oppressors.

The Official Name Of The Group Was The Lost-Found Nation Of Islam And The Leader Was Elijah Muhammad.

Malcolm Indulged Himself In Muhammad’s Teachings Of Islam And Vowed To Practice It Faithfully.
Elijah’s Teaching Taught That The White Man Was Evil And Doomed By Allah To Destruction, Elijah’s Teachings Also Stressed That The Best Course For Black People Is To Separate Themselves From The Western White Civilization ‘Culturally,Politically,Physically And Psychologically’.
Under John Bembry’s Influence Malcolm Became A Passionate And Effective Speaker

In 1952 Malcolm Was Released From Prison And Went To Chicago Illinois To Meet Elijah Muhammad.
Malcolm Was Accepted Into The Movement,Malcolm Later Changed His Last Name To From Little To *X* Malcolm Believed That The *X* Represented His Slave Name That Was Forever Lost In A Mainly White Nation.

Malcolm X Became The Assistant Minister Of The Detroit Mosque Or Muslim House Of Worship.
In 1953 Malcolm Returned To Chicago To Study Personally Under Muhammad, Malcolm X Impressed Muhammad With His Devotion And Faithfulness And Was Shortly After Sent To Pennsylvania To Organize A Mosque. In 1954 He Went To Lead The Mosque In Harlem.

Malcolm And Islam

Chapter Two

Malcolm X Soon Became An Inspiration And The Most Visible National Spokesman For The Black Muslims.

As The Voice Of The Organization He Was A Philosopher And A Speech Writer,His Debating Talent Helped Spread The Organizations Movement.

Malcolm X Urged Black People To Give Up Their Christian Religion,Malcolm Quoted That The High Crime Rate Within The Black Community Was As A Result Of The African Americans Following The Lifestyle Of The Western White Society

During The Course Of Malcolm’s New Found Enlightenment He Met His Soon To Become Wife *Betty Jean Sanders* In New York.
Betty Soon Became A Member Of The Black Muslims And In 1958 She Got Married To Malcolm X, The Couple Eventually Had Six Daughters.

By 1959 The Black Muslims Had Moved Into The National Spotlight With Malcolm X Playing A Pivotal Part In The Movement.

Malcolm’s Teachings Had Inspired Thousands Of Black Americans To Stand Up For Themselves And At This Point Racial Tension Where Reaching A Boiling Point.

White Americans Became Fearful Of Malcolm X And His Teachings Of Black Supremacy.

By 1960 The Black Muslim Community Had Grown To More Than One Hundred Thousand,Malcolm Inspired Many Black Americans To The Religion Which Was An Incredible Archivement But Sadly The Moment Of Great Success Casted A Great Shadow Over Malcolm X And His Status In The NOI.

Rumours Circulated That Malcom X Wanted To Take Leadership Of The NOI From Elijah Muhammad And Make The Organization Political.

Malcolm And Islam

Chapter Two

During This Tensed Time An Unknown Source Within The Black Community Made Malcolm Aware Of The Adulterous Acts Committed By Elijah Muhammad.

The Women Who Elijah Muhammad Reportedly Had Extra Marital Affairs With Were All From The Nation Of Islam Organization.

The Rumors Either True Or Not Tested Malcolm X’s Faith In Elijah Muhammad And Upon Confession Of His Adulterous Acts By Elijah Muhammad,Malcolm Was Not Only Hurt But Felt Guilty For Leading So Many People To A Group Which He Now Knows Is Deceitful.

On December 1963 After The Assassination Of Then US President John F Kennedy Malcolm Quoted That He Saw The Presidents Assassination As A Case Of The Roosters Coming Home To Roost.
Soon Afterwards Elijah Muhammad Suspended Malcolm From Speaking To Public About The Movement For Ninety Days.

With The Tension Between Malcolm And Elijah Muhammad At It’s Peak It Was No Surprise That Malcolm Later On Publicly Announced That He Was Leaving The NOI And Starting His Own Muslim Organizations, The Muslim Mosque Inc And The Afro American Unity Malcolm X’s Faith In Elijah Was Shattered But Not His Faith In The Muslim Religion.

Malcolm X On His Separation From The NOI

“I Feel Like Someone Who Has Been Asleep Somewhat Under Someone Else’s Control”

Chapter Three

The Purpose Of Malcolm X

Malcolm X Needed Mental Cleansing And After Being Under A Deceitful Man Like Elijah Muhammad,Who Could Blame Him.

So Malcolm X Took A Break To Perform His Islamic Duties,Malcolm Needed Enlightenment On Islam So He Visited Mecca On The Holy Month To Perform His Hajj.

After Sharing His Views,Beliefs And Vision With People Of Different Race And Culture Malcolm Came Back To The US With A New Energy And Vision For His Work.

Malcolm’s New Found Independence From Elijah Muhammad And The NOI Malcolm Was Able To Work More On Different Fields And Under The Feel Of His New Found Freedom Malcolm X Came Up With The Famous Quote:

“Nobody Can Give You Freedom,Nobody Can Give You Equality,Justice Or Anything
If You’re A Man,You Take It!…

Malcolm X Didn’t Just Say It,He did It
His Actions During The Civil Rights Movement In America Ended Segregation In Public Places And Banned Employment Discrimination On The Basis Of Race,Color,Religion,Sex Or National Origin.

This Is Considered As On Of The Legislative Archivements Of The Civil Rights Movement.

Chapter Four

Assassination Of Malcolm X

Malcolm X Had Accomplished Something Amazing With The Civil Rights Movement In 1964 And Had Become A Source Of Clarity And A Light Of Knowledge For the African Americans But Even A Light Of Knowledge Such As Malcolm X Had Shadows Watching His Every Actions.

His Old Tensions Between The NOI And Elijah Muhammad Were Still Festering And Rumours Began That Malcolm X Had Been Targeted For Assassination By The NOI.

The Fires Of The Old Between Malcolm X And Elijah Muhammad Were Beginning To Ignite And After Malcolm ‘Addressing The Public Said:

“I Shall Never Rest Until I Have Undone All That I Had Done To So Many Innocent Negroes Who Through Me And My Evangelist Zeal Now Believe In Him Even More Fanatically And Blindly Than I Did”

After Said Speech Assassination Attempts On Malcolm X And His Family Began. In Feb 1965 Malcolm’s Family Home Was Firebombed And Although Everyone Made It Out Alive Nobody Was Ever Charged For The Crime.

February 21 1965 Malcolm X At The Audubon Ballroom While Preparing To Give A Speech Was Assassinated.
Since His Death Malcolm X’s Influence On The Political And Social Thinking Of African Americans Have Been Enormous.

The Legacy Of Malcolm X And His Work Have Inspired So Many People.

By The Words Of Malcolm X Himself;

“If Your Not Ready To Die For It,Put The Word Freedom Out Of Your Vocabulary”.

Chapter Five

Message Of Malcolm X

Years Passed Decades Passed After The Death Of Malcolm X, His Legacy Still Lives.

Malcolm X Basically Paved The Way For Black Equality For African Americans In America.

As A Man Of Integrity, A Man Of Sincerity Malcolm X Was And Is A Phenomenon To The World.

His Story Is Nothing Less Of Inspiring,From A Man On The Edge Of Poverty,Racism And Somewhat Slavery,From A Man Born In The Harshest Of Times For A Black Man In America, From A Shoe shiner To A Criminal To A Convict, From A Man Of No Name And No Class To A Man With The Most Respectable Of Names And The Highest Of Class
Indeed The Story Of Malcolm X Is One Of Interest

Malcolm X’s Harsh Time Growing Up In The Face Of Racism And Poverty Made Him The Man He Was “Unfiltered And Honest“.

Malcolm’s Unfiltered Words Would Grant Him Great Prominence And The Attention Of The Black Community.

Chapter Five

Through Out His Activist Career Malcolm Has Been Quoted As A Racist Of The White “Western Society” And As A Man Planning On Plunging America To Its Darkest Of Times But In Reality The Whites Had Grown Fearful Of Malcolm’s Truth Full Messages And The Social Power That He Was Able To Acquire In Such A Critical Time And Speeches Like The One He Made When He Addressed The Public In 1964 On A Conference “Black Nationalism And Self Defense”
Malcolm Said “Let Us Agree That A Blow Must Be Struck And Let Us Agree On What Type Of Blow That Must Be Struck And Who The Blow Must Strike And Those Who Don’t Strike The Blow Must Be Struck First”

Malcolm X Let The People Know Exactly His Stands On The Growing Tension In The Streets Of America And Speeches Like “The Bullet Or The Balot” And “Who Is A Black Man” Gained Malcolm Huge Recognition Amongst The Black Community And The World

Before The Eventual Assassination Of Malcolm X He Was Certainly Sure That Social Revolution Is The Only Way To Black Liberation And On The Speech Made Public On The 10th Of November 1963 Malcolm Had Called For A Revolution And Classified What Type Of Revolution That Was Needed.
During The Speech Malcolm X Described The Difference Between A Black Revolution And A Negro Revolution.

Malcolm Began By Emphasizing The Common Experience Of All African Americans Regardless Of Their Religious Or Political Beliefs.

Speech: The Common Enemy

What You And I Need Is To Forget Our Differences When We Come Together We Don’t Come Together As Baptists Or Methodist,You Don’t Catch Hell Because Your A Baptist And You Don’t Catch Hell Because You Are A Democrat Or Republican,You Don’t Catch Hell Because You Are A Mason Or An Elk And You Sure Don’t Catch Hell Because Your An American,You Wouldn’t Catch Hell, You Catch Hell Because You Are A Black Man,You Catch Hell We All Catch Hell For The Same Reason”

With The Speech Malcolm Didn’t Just Emphasize That Black Americans Share A Common Experience But Also A Common Enemy.

Next Malcolm X Spoke On What He Called The Black Revolution And Negro Revolution.

He Made Clear That Black Americans Were Using The Term Revolution Loosely Without Understanding The Full Implications Of It.

He Pointed Out That The French,American,Russian And Chinese Revolution Were All Carried Out By People Concerned About The Issue Of Land And That All Revolution Involved Blood Shed.

Malcolm X Said That The Black Revolution Taking Place In Africa Involved Bloodshed By Contrast Malcolm Said Advocates Of The Negro Revolution In The United States Think That They Can Have A Non Violent Revolution.

Malcolm Said You Don’t Have A Peaceful Revolution,You Don’t Have A Turn The Other Cheek Revolution,You Don’t Have A Non Violent Revolution,The Only Revolution That Is Non Violent Is A Negro Revolution,The Only Friendly Revolution Is A Negro Revolution.

Revolution Is Bloody,Revolution Is Hostile,Revolution Knows No Compromise,Revolution Destroys And Overturns Everything That Stands On Its Way And You Sitting There Like A Knot In The Wall Saying Am Going To Love This Folk No Matter How Much They Hate Me,No! “You Need A Revolution”. Whoever Heard Of A Revolution Were They Lock Arms Singing We Shall Overcome We Shall Overcome,You Don’t Do That In A Revolution,You Don’t Do Any Singing Your Too Busy Swinging.

It’s Based On Land,A Revolutionary Wants A Land So He Can Set Up His Own Nation ‘An Independent Nation These Negroes Ain’t Asking For Any Nation They Want To Crawl Back On The Plantation.

Malcolm Also Spoke About Colorism When He Made Reference To The House And Field Negroes During Slavery Of The Black Men.
The House Negro Lived In His Owners House,He Dressed Well And Ate Well He Loved His Owners As Much As The Owner Loved Himself And He Identified With His Owners,If His Owner Got Sick He Would Ask “Are We Sick”

If Anyone Suggested That The House Negro Escape He Would Reply Where Possibly Could I Have A Better Life Than The One I Have Now.

Chapter Five

Malcolm Described The Field Negro As The Majority Of The Slaves On The Plantation.

The Field Negro Wore Ragged Clothes And Ate Chittlings,He Hated His Owner,If His Owners House Was To Catch Fire He Would Pray For Wind,If His Owner Got Sick The Field Negro Would Pray For Him To Die If Anyone Suggested That The Field Negro Escape He’ll Live In An Instant..

Malcolm Went On To Say That There Were Still House Negroes.
He Described The Modern House Negro As Someone Who Is Always Interested In Working For The White People And Bragging About Being The Only Black Man On His Neighborhood On His Job,Malcolm Said That The Black Masses Were Modern Field Negroes And Described Himself As A Field Negro.

Over The Years Malcolm X Has Never Been Shy Of Letting His Opinions Known,Never Shy Of Letting His Words Out.
Malcolm Had A Philosophy Which Was “Knowledge Through Education And Freedom Through Might”
Malcolm X Believed In The Power Of Education.
Malcolm X Was A Great Leader And A Better Activist..Years And Decades Past And Malcolm’s Legacy Still Lives,His Work In Liberating African Americans Will Never Be Forgotten

Written By : Marxian


  1. In August 2014, an online petition was started using the White House online petition mechanism to call on the government to release without alteration any files they still held relating to the murder of Malcolm X.


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